Frequently asked questions


What is your lead time?

Our currently lead time is updated on our Instagram with our current work load, But you can call for the most accurate time frame.

What color cerakote do you offer?

We will order any color you'd like off, Browse their selection!

Can I expedite my order?

We do offer expedited service, But there will be a fee based on the current amount of work we have in.

Do you only work on Glocks?

No!  We will stipple and cerakote many other pistols in addition to Glocks, Please call for additional information and prices.

How do I ship my package to you?

All of our shipping information, including directions and our address are located on our invoice once an order is placed. 

Do I need an FFL to ship my frame?

No, We are a licensed FFL so you can ship your frame directly to us. You are more than welcome to ship from your local FFL but it will also need to be picked up from the same location. 

When shipping a frame you can remove the internals or ship without and we can remove.